Welcome to my photographic realm, where the ordinary transcends into the imaginary. My name is Radosław Święcki, and through my lens, I endeavor to reveal the existence of other worlds and parallel dimensions that are hidden beneath the surface.

By presenting images taken in a different, abstract way, I invite you to question the reliability of your own perception. The scenes I capture are real and they exist in the our everyday surroundings, but are twisted as if they were seen by an otherworldy creature. Some details and features are lost while new meanings, shapes or impressions emerge.

Even though there is certain unpredictability in the method, it is still an intentional departure from conventional ways of using fundamental photographic instruments. My goal is to capture impression of a subject or place, not its actual, complete appearance. Each situation that is photographed carries some feelings and emotions. My aim is to bring you those feelings and emotions without unnecessary clarity. Just the essence, the very soul.

Join me in this contemplative venture. Prepare for the uncertain, explore and ponder upon the very fabric of reality.

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Technical information for photographers.
Each photo has an information in the bottom right corner giving a clue how was it taken. There are following categories of images:
- single exposure: usually a long-exposure single shot with use of ND filters and ICM techniques: panning, rotating, wobbling, shaking or hold-moving.
- multi exposure: a stack of several (or dozens) still frames of a single subject, taken with small alteration to an angle or position of the camera.
- composite: a composition of two or more different frames, each taken with ICM techniques.
Each picture is meticulously developed in Serif Affinity Photo. There are no preset apps or AI-assisted tools used in the process.